The Moonstruck Columns

Rhapsody In Blue

‘Chapter one.’

‘He adored New York City. He idolised it all out of proportion’…

The faint skyline of New York City in black and white flashed on the big screen followed by the montage that made me fall in loveRead The Story

Matheran In The Rains

Only the crunching of our footsteps could be heard as the pebbles displaced beneath our feet. We marched the rain-eroded, path in silence—our steps in rhythm with each other. The hills of Matheran weren’t exactly as elevated as a mountain. Yet, it didn’t make it any less perilous.Read The Story


What was so special about that one particular night, he could never figure out. He could definitely explain a few things, maybe it was the sound of her voice, or how the weather knew when not to rain in a typical monsoon night. But he could never pinpoint it out.Read The Story