The Moonstruck Columns

Somewhere Blue

What do you do when you’re stuck in a city far away from your home with no company but a pack of cigarettes and a handful of old, Jazz numbers? Well, that’s what I am wondering too.

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Half her body draped beyond the picnic sheet as she lay beside me on the grass. Resting on her elbows to raise her body up so that she could see the screen, she had her stretched legs crossed at the ankle, completely under a spell as the moonlight hit her face at a perfect angle.Read The Story

On The Radio

Every night my Mom listens to her radio before going to sleep. Those battery-powered Phillips FM radios which people used to carry around in their pocket to listen to Test Cricket commentaries earnestly. This was the time when television wasn’t mainstream.

“It reminds me of my childhood days” she had once told me. So, with my first paycheck, I bought her one. She never fails to tell this anecdote to her friends still. It never gets stale for her. Given my love for antiques, I could never see the huge deal she makes out of it. But parents somehow find a way to romanticize the first paychecks of their kids and even more so when those paychecks are used to buy things for them.Read The Story

One Last Time

On the edge of the roof, he had a clear view of the large silver screen on the roof of the building opposite rippling merrily in the twilight wind. His hand itched to press start on the remote in his hand. Yet something told him that he wanted to savour the moment for he had no idea what was going to be on it. It was a one-time shot. He knew he would never be able to play back the memories again.
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