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A Case of Platypus

There were several cases in Sherlock Holmes’ casebook and from which I borrow the idea of having ‘A Case…’ in the title of this particular story because just like the cases of Mr. Holmes, as we all know, were a little, or perhaps way too much on the queerer side of this world, this case is also such.

Incidentally, we both were classmates and curiously enough we never happened to exchange a single conversation during those three and a half years of school. A strange case, but not as strange as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide.

When we finally started conversing after three more years, we misunderstood each other over topics which, I have forgotten, or rather chose to forget and thus I am a little foggy on the details. But, it was quite a misunderstanding and I have misty recollections of snippets of heated reprimands in the Facebook chat box, one of which had something to do with Britney Spears. It was Britney’s fault apparently. A confident case of bitter melons.

Then we finally became friends on friendship day five years ago; quite an irony indeed. And since then we have done some crazy stuff together. Such as, last year she wanted to play a prank on one of my friends so she wrote (as per my brilliant suggestion) an anonymous threat letter, that ran three pages and sent it to him on April Fool’s day. But it didn’t reach him on April Fool’s day but a few days later and he took it to be an actually threat letter and he started to enquire about it and finally blamed it on me as I usually come up with such ideas. But he eventually discovered it to be her and denied all accusations of him being scared or pissed or anything related by quoting ‘were you planning to bore me to death in the letter?’ Surely, a case of rotten eggs (This time, ‘case’ implies ‘crate’ and is directed towards my friend who received the letter.)

This April Fool’s was different. I had a grand idea but she didn’t take it, so I will stuff it in another story perhaps. A silly case of hesitancy.

Aside of all the fun, we’ve also had our share of fights. Luckily for her, the fight didn’t involve boxing gloves, or she’d have ended up bleeding pretty bad. It was a rough time because I thought I lost another of my best friends. We finally cleared the air after a couple of months of silence though.

But, over the course of years I have discovered that she is one of the most weird personalities I have ever encountered but also one of the simplest ones I’ve ever met. We’ve only met a couple of times in reality but if it’s a case as this one, it doesn’t take much to progress to a friendship, as brilliant as ours. Sometimes I feel that she must be something else trapped inside a human body. Perhaps, a case of platypus?

P.S – First post on the new space and that too for a platypus… Oh universe!


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