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A Ten-minute Writing Spree

So I have exactly ten minutes in hand before I have to get back to work; and I should also mention that I have been receiving pretty rotten tomatoes this past few months via comments; I like to believe that they were because I wasn’t writing my usual stuff and they were really pissed but I’d be lying to myself. So, I am just going to come out to you by saying that they were spams; every inch of them!

But the good news is – I finally decided to write; it won’t put food in that kid in far corner of Africa, but I do sincerely wish it did.

So, as I was saying, that I only have ten minutes in hand… Oh wait, now I have only eight! Well, never mind. I also wanted to tell you that I read another nice blogger’s funny status update on Facebook that also kinda cracked me up and drove me to write something, anything at all, in my blog since I have an insane amount of shameless courage to admit that I had promised multiple times in the past to continue my writing spree and lost to it convincingly every time; much like Brazil lost to Germany.

Nonetheless, I also have a few things to point out to the bunch of faithful but invisible audience of my blog (and also the spammers) that if you want to waste your time, I can guarantee reading my blog will be far from swift and painless.

I have only five minutes left now, so I must hurry to tell you that I would be redesigning my blog soon (yes, yet again! I am a fussy old prick! What can I say…) and hopefully by the time I am done dissecting it and putting it back, you will also be able to read it and waste your time on your mobile! Whoa! Isn’t that a great news? Every possible means you need to waste your time is right inside your pocket! Technology never, and let me stress on the word – ahem, N E V E R ceases to amaze me! What would I do without you!

Having said that, I only have one minute left in my quota and sadly I will have to bid you farewell… But, I won’t promise you that I will keep writing good stuff because that’s something I don’t want to do this time around. But all you people do take care and maybe God (if there is one) bless your super invisible souls (if there are those too).



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