The Moonstruck Columns


For, every now and then, we all need to make some nonsesnse

Welcome to THE MOONSTRUCK COLUMNS. This is a humour column (with occasional short stories) published every other Saturday night. It is strictly not to be taken seriously and to be enjoyed thoroughly! Although most of it would be useless information, who knows, it might have some goodies for you once in a while… Cheers!

I am Samik, shamelessly taking blame as the writer of this column! I love shutting myself up in my room with two large windows and a single-bed which overlooks both these windows and a large bookcase which I take pride in. I’m not much of an internet techie or anything like that. If you meet me, you’d rapidly form an impression that I’ve been transported from the 70’s in a time-machine. Trust me, you won’t be too wrong!

I am a graphic designer by profession since The New Yorker wouldn’t have me as a columnist! Yet here I am writing my very own columns, independently… If you like to read them, you have my sympathies. And if you like them enough to drop me a message, I sure don’t mean to make it difficult for you!

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