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Arthur Hitler

All the miss-communication started when my friend misheard ‘Hiller’ as ‘Hitler’. He was a stock broker and all he has ever seen in his life is a bunch of videos containing more numbers and figures than characters who did anything other than sitting and staring out at you with but their lips moving. It was not until recently had he been introduced to something alien to his usual watch-list – Motion Picture.

The first movie he had seen was Valkyrie, two months ago. But the latest movie we saw was Love Story. But it seems he was still more into Valkyrie than Love Story.

We were trying to have a movie discussion of Love Story (at least I thought so) and apparently he didn’t know the name of the director (Arthur Hiller). But that wasn’t the only thing he wasn’t aware of. It so happens, he also didn’t know that Hitler’s first name was Adolf, not Arthur.

…”That’s outrageous!” he burst out.

“No No, I believe the artful way he had portrayed them was significantly overwhelming” I replied. Only I was talking referring to the characters of the movie.

“But he hated them and there is considerable depiction of racism and hatred in, what he calls, his accomplishments. And the whole world is there to support this fact.” He was referring to the Jews.

“But it can’t be! I have several references who considers Arthur’s art as subtle and moving. His art was even honored -” -I meant Oscar Nominated – ” – by one of the most prestigious -”

“He was only awarded stuff which he awarded himself! That’s exactly what people like him do. And that’s the truth and that’s where it stands.” he said thumping his fist into my coffee table.

“But that is so untrue. An artist is no dictator. But yes, sometimes, one needs to dictate to get good at his art.”

“Whatever he did, has got nothing to do with art. It was all pride. On the contrary, I know he had destroyed art in many ways. And he was ruthless! And moreover -”

“Yes, ruthless, he was, but that’s the very quality the art of film-making demands. You have to have an eye for certain aspects but you can’t be too attached to it either. I think -”

“Wait, what did you just say? FILM-MAKING?” He cut me in.

“Yes, precisely that.” I replied annoyed, by the interruption and also other things he said.

He stared at me for a full minute before he burst out –

“Who the hell are you talking about?”

“Arthur Hiller, director of a movie called Love Story? Why, what’s going on?”

“Wasn’t Hitler’s first name ‘Arthur’ ?”

And that’s all folks…


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