The Moonstruck Columns

College Journals: Of First Visists (Part I)

As I was entering my house, my cell phone beeped of a new text. It was nearly eight o’clock and I knew I had a nice set of rebuke waiting for me upstairs.

‘Dude! Is there any chance of the sleepover plan, which we made the other day, happening today?’ the text read.

My face split up to a giggle without my consent. I knew he was standing just in front of his house too expecting a rebuke waiting for him.

‘Sure come along, I might be spared if you come to stay over’ I wrote him back. It was pretty honest to tell the truth.

My parents believed my friends more than they believed me. Not that I had any problem in that. In fact, I quite liked it.

It was October the 16th, 2009 if I remember correctly, and the plan was sudden.

College had ended at four. The six of us gathered near the tea-shop which was a few steps off the college porch. We were gambling on the choices; if we would go somewhere and hangout or we will go back home. I was already pretty weary and they looked quite worn out as well. No matter how exhausted I was, I always enjoyed walking to the subway station which was about two miles away. It was a pleasant walk on pleasant days.

Within ten minutes, it was pretty much decided that we were to go home and I bade them farewell and set off alone. The autumn sun was mellow and golden as were the landscapes beautiful after the monsoon.

Our college was located on the edge of the town, so there weren’t many buildings around. The road didn’t twist or turn much except after a mile where there was a concrete bridge over a barely visible stream covered with unkempt vegetation.

The road, past the bridge, turned abruptly and perpendicularly under the cosy shadows of thickly-leaved trees on the either side of the road and it continued for another mile with gradually increasing population of buildings and eventually through a hustling and malodorously smelly bazaar to lead to the steps of the railway station. The subway station a bit further down.

As soon as I reached that bridge, my phone rang.

‘Where are you?’ Arka’s voice spoke with excitement suppressed with difficulty.

‘Near that bridge, why?’

‘Well, stay there, I have an idea.’

It was merely one and a half months I had known them but I already knew, that when they said they had ‘ideas’, they weren’t really on the convenient side of crazy.

I didn’t mind waiting near the bridge. It promised a great view on a day like this. The way the weary sun fell over the vegetation made it pleasant and matched the rest of the landscape.

About ten minutes later, I saw two smiling tall figures walking the road I had just taken. Arka was wearing a grey T-shirt with a phoenix sprinkled with gold and Nirmalya, a purple pull-over.

I had seen them both a while ago, but somehow this appeared a renewed perspective and I couldn’t help grinning.

‘So what’s this new “idea” you got so spontaneously?’ I asked Arka, still unable to supress the grin. Nirmalya was also grinning because he already knew what it was all about.

‘Well, I called Mom and told her you two are coming for a visit today.’ He finished.

      To Be Continued…


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