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College Journals: Prologue

This series is dedicated to a friend who wanted me to write this for ages…

AMONG MY FRIENDS, the closest ones of course, I am most famous for being nostalgic. But I cannot be more certain that before they decide to append this quality to their description of me, they wouldn’t be more ecstatic to squeeze in a dozen other adjectives before, such as, idiotic, silly, prankster and possibly a total hopeless case with several other matters. They are quite lucky, however, that they are aware of the fact that I am not going to frown on them on the inside as I would pretend to show them on the outside for attacking me with these right on my face, because I am quite fond of them and the names they call as well.

My desperation for keeping records of the reminiscences have sometimes fetched delights to some while a considerable amount of annoyance to others, but I do not recall being discouraged to do so at any point. But not getting into more webs of words, I would land right into the point and start telling you the near bizarre but immensely special story of my college life and the crazy friends who made every single tale count.

Back in 2009, same time of the year as now, I was preparing for getting into a college. After two years of struggle through a really rough patch of eleventh-twelfth grade, which have been my darkest days till now, the thought of college came to a rather blissful rescue.

Time had already rolled to mid-July when it eventually let me quit my job of nail-biting (which has been dominant in the past few days) and allowed me to sit back and relax. I was safely admitted into an engineering college at last relieving my parents’ from their daily nightmare of me ending up as an outcast. I spent the days around watching a television series called How I Met Your Mother and also caught the sixth part of the Harry Potter movie series in the theatre figuring nothing better to do.

Apart from that, I also found time to explore the online community in Orkut, of the college where I had opted for admission. Orkut used to be a really breathing place in those days and was the most welcome source of making friends for many people (me included) as Facebook hadn’t quite established itself among us yet.

My first memoirs, that I could recall, of Arka happens to be nothing more than an Orkut profile and a really responsible and strict owner of the Orkut community of the Freshers Batch of our college called – “NSEC Batch 2009-2013.”

My first interactions with him began when I received a nearly system generated scrap in my Orkut scrapbook stating – “Hi Samik, I’m also a fresher in NSEC… Check out this community” with a link attached beneath. But afterwards he did everything in his might to test if I wasn’t any nosy senior trying to spy on the juniors and use their own words against them during the unofficial formal introduction with the seniors (well known as ragging). I had no choice but to comply to the terms and conditions. But after things were settled and I was honorably discharged of the attributions, things went pretty great.

We had a lot of fun during those two weeks where nobody had met each other yet. The great momentous things always start with the little insignificant ones. And it was beyond anyone’s realization at that time that something like this could possibly be one, but I know how things turned out. And if it wouldn’t have been worth it, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here today, three years later from that day, trying to put my remarkable reminiscences in words.

Throughout the three years, there have been many roads we have trotted and went through many times, some were worth remembering and some were worth even more and among the great many things that I have learnt in due course, my most favourite would be – The best thing about having best friends is that they could make you realise so strongly that, in life, some friends and instances of friendship in life could be just impossible to forget and worth not forgetting as well…


P.S.: Yes, there is going to be a part II (and many parts subsequently)


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