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Coveted Girl

I am not a celebrated blogger, at least not at the time of writing this. You should know that about me. But sometimes when a writer’s work is appreciated, there develops a certain amount of affection for the person who does this elusive act of appreciation. This happens to be a story of such an exceptional case.

Two and a half years ago, I tried to give a shot on publicizing my blog by the means of voting for bloggers on a blogging community, as they call it. And there I came across this blog with a beautiful header.

It was girly, but it had its own charm. So I started reading at random. The writing was outright childish but it had an unmistakable touch of innocence that came with its own allure. I read on and I even commented on a few. I followed the blog it never expecting any response.

But then a few days later, I checked my own blog and there were elaborate comments on several of my blog posts. For a person who has barely seen a comment longer than two tiny sentences in his life, it was an unearthly experience. I found myself re-reading these multiple line comments over and over again. Perhaps trying to check if I was hallucinating.

I was about to drop her a mail when I discovered her mail sitting on my inbox helping itself to some potato chips. And that is how I met this amazing person with a lovely Russian name.

She was absolutely obsessed with these blogging and its techniques (she still is) and her blog is analogous to a very celebrated restaurant in the centre of a big city. She tried to hand me some award called ‘Leibster Award’ or something. I loved the honour but I passed the prize, mostly because I was too lazy to think of eleven things I liked and of eleven bloggers to share the award with (I wanted the award for myself without sharing and I barely knew other bloggers). She didn’t take offence, to my relief.

But in the course of time, we spoke over chats without ever meeting. And I became more convinced that you don’t always have to meet a person to become friends. If you, like me, should come to know her and become friends with her in the proper way, she is a gem of a person – forever encouraging and always a friend.

My attempt on publicizing my blog didn’t work (at all!). I didn’t get a number of visitors I was aiming for. But what it did, was leave me with an amazing friend and someone who truly adored my writing – a writer’s greatest fantasy! Its uncanny indeed or maybe just pure luck.

We remain friends to this day and I have a feeling (and I am nearly never wrong) it has quite many miles still left on it.


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