The Moonstruck Columns

Crazy Dreams!

The things that I usually love to do, and which I eventually do, doesn’t really make much sense to other people and its fair enough because the things that other people usually do and love to do, doesn’t make much sense to me either. I am quite used to it anyway.

I dream around a lot, even when I am awake and when I look around, I see tiny people squeaking ferociously near my feet, commanding me to get back to earth, right now! But that’s when I am dreaming at daytime with eyes wide open. The funniest dreams however, come when I am asleep and you don’t usually remember those dreams after you wake up, thanks to the daily chores or other worthless reasons. But if you manage to remember those dreams from your nap-time, they are quite fun.

The other day, I decided to take a stroll in Wimbledon. I had always loved that place because I had a curious attraction towards Tennis. My friends said I didn’t have anything for Tennis but only for the women who played Tennis. There isn’t much truth in that anyway, because they, the women who play Tennis, look more attractive in the after parties.

The sky was blue and if I remember correctly it was around February. As I approached the stadium, suddenly I heard uproar coming from inside the stadium which I happened to be passing. It aroused my curiosity. The tournament doesn’t start until June. It encouraged me to sneak in and fortunately there wasn’t any security either, so I helped myself in casually.

After a few steps, I found myself standing in one of the corners of the main court. The match was about to begin and nobody stopped me as I walked straight into the court.

People aren’t allowed here! But wait, I had ball-boy uniform on! And not only that, I also had a camera dangling from my neck. Sharapova and Ivankovik walked in and picked their side and the match began. I got hit by a few balls while I was busy looking around and by the end of first set, both of them were furious at each other for some reason. They didn’t seem to quite care about winning anymore. They approached the centre net, apparently arguing about a serious matter. I decided to take a closer look; curiosity is in my blood. I crept up through the side where the referee was sitting on a raised chair and I just stood underneath it. The issue was rather serious. It was about what the tennis ball was made of. From a few words I caught, Sharapova thought it was made of shredded cheese and Ivankovik said it was a live baby flamingo rolled into a ball. I didn’t find any of them convincing, but silently, I wanted to side with Sharapova because she was looking gorgeous at that moment.

Meanwhile, the referee had vanished, and suddenly a glittering beam caught my eye and I saw Queen Elizabeth II had decided to take a stroll on the grass of the Wimbledon stadium because the lawn grass of Buckingham Palace had turned blue in protest that the soldiers guarding the Buckingham Palace should be allowed to twitch every twenty minutes.

It was all pandemonium. But the spectators had a different issue. It appeared that, Fender, an insanely famous brand that makes insanely famous guitars, had suddenly changed their Facebook profile picture to a Pokemon on which, Eric Clapton had decided to dress in everything lime-green in protest till it all went back to normal. But Fender was determined to have the Pokemon in question as their brand ambassador as well.

Everything was chaos like it was apocalypse as predicted, and there were also clear signs of a huge earthquake literally. The land beneath my feet started to move and the Queen suddenly turned upside down and had started walking on her hands to prevent the land from shaking beneath her feet which apparently gave her diarrhoea.

Everything shook wildly and everything turned real bright like a real bad photographer had taken an overexposed photograph and suddenly everything was quiet and I woke up with a jerk only to find the sun on my eyes.


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