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NOW TO START with, I REALLY hate to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. If you have not already came up with your version of possible reason, I would like to rush to tell you mine before you get the wrong notions. I really hate to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S because I am not allowed to be on it. The only better thing than to be cast on the show is to get to live the characters. And I am so jealous of those who got to be them. That is really unfair for everyone in the world apart from those six people. I would, however, choose to be the guys at any cost, but whatever.

It’s not just that they are the only ones with perfect lives. They have their fights and they manage to make it sound funny for us to laugh at. It kinda reminds me of the times when we used to be funny too. Those three minute fights used to be really silly when I look back at them now. But what’s the point of trying not to make it look silly now? Because later when we look back at these days, they are going to look silly then anyway.

The friends I have had the privilege to sport, they are potentially the best fun makers there could be and I really hated them all along, when they would try to pull me into being the victim of their cheap old prank which can never be any worse, when they tried to stick two fingers above the back of my head making my already sucking photograph look worse than imaginable. But, somehow they managed me to convince me to stick around them and probably I did because I just wanted to get some more of it, or maybe I wanted to find out how much more I could hate them than I already did.

I really hated when they tried to poke their nose in my everything. I hated when they rehearsed all their free advice which they couldn’t have done in any other place, I hated when they never left my side when I wanted them to, I hated when they abandoned their jobs for me, I hated when they made me the first person to tell about their plans and I really hate now to make the long list of the things I hate about them.

I guess I met them, in the first place, because I wanted to hate them so much. And now I just wanna call up everyone of them and tell them how pricks they are and how much I hate those old hags always trying to make me hate them.

Well, maybe I just hate F.R.I.E.N.D.S a lot which reminds me to hate my friends every time, but I guess I am just to addicted to it…


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