The Moonstruck Columns

Moon-shaped Hot Air Balloon

My obsession over the moon has been nothing new. Having a silver disc in the sky, shining brightly is a matter of curiosity for a little kid. I remember the first time I spotted the outer rim on a night of the crescent moon. Until then, I used to think that somebody replaced the moon every night with a bigger shaped one and repeated the cycle for an entire month.

I wanted to have that job when I grew up.

Imagine what a disappointment I’d felt when I finally learnt that there was nobody changing the phases of the moon. But that surely is a grand idea if I ever wanted to write something!

Friday 19th July 2013.

There was this other dream I had where I was flying. But then I couldn’t see anything beneath my feet. I tried looking up but it was too bright to see anything. I could see around and the sky was so clear that all the stars were vivid. It was ironic because when I looked down, I could see more lights and you could see fireflies marching like ants along a thread of light like those flickering tiny lights you put inside transparent rubber pipes. The city had never looked so beautiful. But I couldn’t tell what the blinding light was.

Wednesday August 7th 2013.

I think I finally know what I could name my blog. Wait, I don’t like the word “blog”. There has to be a classier alternative.

Monday August 12th 2013

I just saw Marley and Me. And guess what, I finally know what to do. I could be a columnist! I could have like a single column in Rolling Stones or even better – New Yorker! I read articles from the New Yorker today and they were so beautiful! I am pretty sure I can do that. I want to be a writer anyway.

Thursday August 15th 2013.

The New Yorker didn’t reply. It’s been four days. But thanks to Facebook, I can see that they have “seen” my message.

Okay, screw it! I can start my own column. Right, I don’t think “Dreams on Paper Leaves” aren’t working anymore. I mean, it kind of sounds like I’m trying too hard to be nostalgic and sentimental. You can’t be a sentimentalist if you want to be a good writer. You have to have a considerable amount of objectivity. Okay. So, Columns it is.

Sunday September 1st 2013.I had that dream again. The dream I couldn’t shake off. Except this time, the dream was exceptionally lucid. I was in a hot air balloon. Except the balloon was moon-shaped and not just that. It was the moon. I knew what I was. I was The Moonstruck Columnist!

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