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Of Advices…

Giving advice is easy!

I give loads of advice and suggestions to myself every time. They are all very brilliant too. Now is the point, you are by all means entitled to ask – ‘If they are so brilliant, why aren’t you on the top of the world?’ The answer to which is easier even – I am too busy being proud of the advice that I had just devised, I spend the rest of the time being obsessed about it and after I am done with that, I forget what the advice was in the first place. So I seldom follow my own advice.

The usual blokes who give advice are well known successful people – that’s the traditional idea. You will never take advice from someone who never succeeded. And sometimes you also run across people who have been awarded success for free by the thing called Universe (Universe is defined for non-scientific folks as ‘a thing to blame if you have no clue why or how something happened’). These people have no advice under their invisible sleeve. They usually retort to the phrase – “I have no idea!” when they are asked how they succeeded.

But I am not one of those folks. I am pretty disciplined in what I do. My two major activity of the day involves eating and spending the rest of my time staring at my computer screen, sometimes moving some stuff around (mostly within hard drive partitions).

But that was two days ago. Now I have known better and I took up reading again. And I found out, not long ago, that somebody missed my writing (I am ecstatic) so I am here, writing once again.

Now that I have tore my eyes off the computer screen and have read books the past few days, I can give myself advice again.

In my brief research on this subject (Advice) all my life, I have found out that – if you want to give good advice to yourself, try it on people who are in pursuit of similar stuff as you are and more importantly, pursued them to follow it (that is what takes real skill and energy). If they work for them, then you can be somewhat certain that they are going to work for you as well. Surely, there might be a few loopholes and glitches; its not rocket science; but it usually works pretty fine with me…


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