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Of Being Ghosts!

I think everyone faces this situation one time or the other unless they are immensely fortunate to not have to face it. But I guess, I am way too unfortunate to come face to face with this three times already, and counting.

For the people who are unaware of the concept, I take responsibility to elaborate. We are all familiar with ghosts, I assume; this is a similar situation with a minute difference. The ghosts I refer here are not dead, well not in physical proportions at least. But in every other sense.

The other day I tried to talk to five different people. I addressed them the way I usually address people. And they went something like this.

‘Hey man! What’s up?’ I wrote.

No response.

‘When are you coming to Calcutta man? It’s been ages!’

No response.

‘Are you going to swallow a cow this evening?’

Still no response.

Apparently no message had any effect on the person.

Now, I and the kind of person who would happily assume that the person in question didn’t receive the message. But that has become impossible nowadays. Technology with its eagerness to make life easier for us has made it difficult by tenfold. They worked extra hard to bring to us the worst invention of all time – ‘Seen at 13:54’ with a small tick before it. Like that is supposed to make me feel any better.

‘If you didn’t know already that you are a ghost, well, here’s proof’ it would say with its sarcastic voice.

Now I was convinced that perhaps I really am a ghost and incidentally, I tried to see the upside of being a ghost and take advantage of it.

I tried to walk through a wall.

I broke my nose. This was ridiculous! I just had five technological proof pronouncing me a ghost and I still couldn’t walk through walls. The balloon swelling inside me had started deflating.

I had already committed to my fully formed dreams of scaring little kids and weak-at-heart grown-ups with my supernatural abilities like possessing dumb human bodies and then making them dance in a traffic signal. But did something go wrong?

I hadn’t spoken to a soul in ages and all those souls I had tried to speak to had proven me a ghost. Then what was it that was holding me back?

I kept looking for signs of my own life and suddenly I spotted my cell phone lying in the corner of my messy table. I picked it up for clues. I saw that it had been on vibration for days.

I tried to unlock it but then I had forgotten the pattern that unlocked it. After a few tries, I finally did it and I saw one tiny green notification on the top left corner.

My heart leapt. Maybe it was the girl I had a huge crush on. Or maybe my best friend who doesn’t think of me as his best friend anymore. Permutations and combinations ran wild.

I took all my courage and tapped the only clue that was holding me from walking through walls.

It was from a friend from past life, or maybe the life before that, I’m not so sure. I didn’t have his number saved but vaguely recognised him from the photo. And the message said –’Hey! I found your number with great difficulty. Remember me? I need a favour. If you are still in Calcutta, can you find me an apartment to stay?’

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