The Moonstruck Columns


NOW TO START with, I REALLY hate to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. If you have not already came up with your version of possible reason, I would like to rush to tell you mine before you get the wrong notions. I really hate to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S because I am not allowed to be on it. The only better thing than to be cast on the show is to get to live the characters. And I am so jealous of those who got to be them. That is really unfairRead The Story

College Journals: Prologue

This series is dedicated to a friend who wanted me to write this for ages…

AMONG MY FRIENDS, the closest ones of course, I am most famous for being nostalgic. But I cannot be more certain that before they decide to append this quality to their description of me, they wouldn’t be more ecstatic to squeeze in a dozen other adjectives before, such as, idiotic, silly, prankster and possibly a total hopeless case with several other matters. They are quite lucky, however, that they are aware of the fact that I am not going to frown on them on the inside as I would pretend to show them on the outside for attacking me with these right on my face, because I am quite fond of them and the names they call as well.

My desperation for keeping records of the reminiscences have sometimesRead The Story

The Train Journals Part I

I HAVE TRAVELED in trains since an early age. Every time I met different people who became family for that little while and made me feel like I had known them forever. Sometime we knew quite a bouquet of things about each other except our names and sometimes we forgot to ask, which would be my case in particular as I often find myself forgetting to ask names. But I have also learnt that there is so much more present than just a name to put on a face.

During my travels, I have met many different people and nobody among them have crossed my ways more than once, yet they have left a sweet impression on my mind which reflected on my face as well whenever I remembered them.

This one time, which I am now going to narrate, I was travelling from NagpurRead The Story


Arghyadeep, one of my closest friends in my college days, had always some stories up his sleeve. His college, where he is doing B.Sc with Physics major, is an exquisite place for every kind of species you wish to find, including students and professors and the best part, even the caretakers and laboratory attendants.

This story is a pretty short one. One time, in the Digital Electronics laboratory, the students were required to make a specific electronic circuit using an 8-pin integrated chip placed on a bread board.

Everyone was busy following the steps and the circuit diagrams and suddenlyRead The Story

Portugal To Panchpota!

Back in 2009, when I was new in my first year of college, one of my closest mates, Arka (pronounced Awrko as in ‘Awkward’) and I used to have wonderful adventures on campus. Though they might not seem that special, but sometimes, they were crazy enough to risk our reputation as good fellows among the professors.

One day, when triple physics and triple math in our respective departments drove us nuts, Arka and I decided to take the first chance we got to run out of our classes. Now we were stranded unemployed. We needed to do something of the time before recess. He suggested we should attend the seminar that was going on in the auditorium. When I started giving him a horrified look, he quickly saidRead The Story