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Revisiting Bucket Lists

Bucket lists are tricky, I swear! I made one long back when I was first taught how to make bucket lists. They failed me twice before they passed me with grace marks. It’s a rough racket out there, I tell you.


Item No. 126: Live in the place you love. Or in my terms, plan an Ocean’s Eleven heist. Even if the former is not as difficult as the latter, they are mighty close.

You see, although I have the will and strength to work my butt off for the living, it’s still pretty damn difficult to get through the customs undetected.

Item No. 87: Forgive someone. I can say that I have—check! However, if you interrogate me after injecting a truth serum, I haven’t quite forgiven a few people. With great memory comes great capacity of holding grudges—and not just the ordinary ones, extraordinary ones too.

Item no. 152: Put in a taxi and tell the taxi driver: “Follow that car!”. Talk about influences from detective stories and mystery novels, this has been on my list since I’ve found it.

What would Elon Musk have in his list I wonder. Or perhaps his bucket list is called a To-do list! So would Tony Stark’s, if he was a real person. When I think about it—I could be Tony Stark too. Well, just to be clear, I haven’t been fond of Tony Stark since 2008. I followed the series and a few of the comics I could get my hands on from time to time. But I do think the Stark of the Cinematic Universe is better designed and quite admirable. Anyway, getting back to Bucket Lists.

Mine has some interesting items too. But I can’t tell you those because I don’t want to jinx them. If I believe in petty superstitions such as these? Well, not really. But I’ve always enjoyed the look of surprise on people’s faces when I do something that they don’t imagine me doing. Or something that is just out of nowhere.

However, since I’m speaking on the subject of bucket lists, I’ll tell you a couple of bucket list items that are ticked off.

First, I’ve already been a part of a nine-to-five job. Just so you know, I had it in my list because given my track record, I never thought I’d get myself to do a job like that. But I did. For one and half years each. Imagine that!

And second, I’ve managed to finish my bucket list, which was, ironically, the first item on that list.

Not too bad, eh?

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