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The Shorter Column

You know, I’ll be perfectly candid with you people. I don’t see any good columns published these days, neither on websites nor in newspapers or magazines. Columns which would just be sheer fun to read. The ones which, even if don’t make much sense, provide a pleasant read. Has everybody got over these things?

All I see in the newspapers these days are page-spread pictures of celebrities partying on a Friday night. With their expensive-wine-glasses and distasteful attire standing in front of a big advertisement board and wearing their purple lipstick. Yes, even I, who is probably one of the lesser (if not the least) interested people when it comes to fashion, managed to spot her wearing it on Cannes, much thanks for the extensive media coverage.

I was eyeing the media for some greater valuable information on the films that were featured in the festival, but all the media seemed to be flocked around was purple lipstick. Well, who cares about films in a film festival, but oh, look at the purple lipstick. You got much attention didn’t you? Why not try a space-suit next time.

And because I am in the middle of something that demands more attention than people (some of whom are apparently journalists! Pfft) ogling at purple lipsticks and vaguely speaking of shorter columns, I will end this one right here. Abruptly.


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