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Walking Errands

Well, I have been running errands for my boss for as long as I have known and I decided that I was tired of running errands. So today, I tried to walk them instead.

I dressed myself up, with my mind made up to bail office, whistled to my boss’s errands and took them for a stroll at the park nearby. They (my errands) started goggling at some pretty girl sitting on a bench on the far end of the park.

I am usually a great guy, very helpful, honest. But I haven’t had a date for quite a long time, so I devised an evil and selfish plan. I would convince my errands that I would go up to the girl for their sake, but what the errands won’t be aware was that I would ditch them there and keep the girl for myself.

I strapped collars on my errands to prevent them from wandering off to places where they were not supposed to be, fixed my hair (I look pretty good on average days and exceptional on luckier days but never too bad, if you should know) and started walking casually across the park towards the girl.

She was sitting with her legs crossed and engrossed in a book. Long dark hair fell over her face and she wore a sunshine yellow dress. I liked the girl reading the book, I hated the book being read by the girl. But as soon as I reached, she looked up and all my dreams were shattered.

My ears rang with the laughter of all my errands who were apparently having so much more fun than I was at that moment.

‘Well, well! Isn’t somebody supposed to be somewhere else?’ she said in a sarcastic voice and to make matters worse, a smile.

It was my boss’s daughter. Sigh!


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